Strong, Safe, Secure

We have all experienced the problem of courier deliveries not running to plan!

  • Parcels left in the rain

  • Parcels going missing

  • Parcels being stolen

  • Couriered food boxes being left outside in the sun or eaten by the dog

  • At best - a phone call to arrange re-delivery

  • At worst - a card left advising you must go and collect your parcel from the depot



Keep your couriered parcels safe!

The Courier Box is large enough to fit a trolley-size load of groceries, a dozen bottles of wine or a MyFoodBag box. Food  deliveries are not only safe from the dog but the insulation option will keep your chilled & frozen deliveries cooler for longer.  Also,  MyFoodBag empty box can be left in The Courier Box, out of the wind and rain, to be collected by the Courier for recycling.

Whether sending or receiving a courier parcel, simply instruct your Courier on their e-form to deliver your parcel into The Courier Box.



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